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Exploración de los mecanismos de la respuesta inmunológica en el contexto de la biomedicina

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Arthur and Sandra Irving Cancer Immunology Symposium

We’re writing to you about the upcoming fourth annual Irving Cancer Immunology Symposium, a science and career workshop for young cancer immunologists, including starting faculty and advanced pdocs.  The workshop is organized by Bob Schreiber, Shannon Turley, Jennifer Wargo and Nir Hacohen and the mentors are ~15 senior faculty in the field (see here). It will take place in person in Boston from June 24-27 2024. You can read more about it on our website (

The application deadline is Feb 5, 2024.

Please share the summary below with:

(1) starting faculty at your institution studying cancer immunology

(2) accomplished pdocs working in cancer immunology

Thanks and warm wishes from all of us (Nir, Shannon, Bob, Jen)! 


‘The Program in Innate Immunity from the UMass Chan Medical School invites you to the 7th TOLL Conference which will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from April 17-20, 2024.

Amongst the speakers will be the best of the best in the field ozzf innate immunity including Drew Weissman (Keynote speaker), Andrea Ablasser, Yasmine Belkaid, Clare Bryant, Vishva Dixit, Kate Fitzgerald, Richard Flavell, Michaela Gack, Douglas Golenbock, Martin Guilliams, Michael Heneka, Philipp Henneke, Jon Kagan, Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, Eicke Latz, Bruno Lemaitre, Judy Leiberman, Egil Lien, Mihai Netea, Luke O’Neill, Lali Ramakrishnan, Kenneth Rock, Feng Shao, Cateano Reis e Sousa, Shannon Turley, Russell Vance, Ramnik Xavier and many others.


  • – Immunometabolism,
  • – Emerging Immunity,
  • – COVID therapeutics and pathophysiology,
  • – Gut homeostasis, Neuroinflammation,
  • – Inflammasomes/Pyroptosis,
  • – Epithelial host defenses
  • – and more.

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Decoding cell death in health and disease

Instituto de Medicina Experimental (IMEX)-CONICET / Academia Nacional de Medicina

Invitamos a todos para el viernes 01 de Septiembre de 2023 a las 10 hs en forma presencial en la Biblioteca de la Academia Nacional de Medicina, primer piso

Carla V. Rothlin, Ph.D.
Dorys McConnell Duberg Professor of Immunobiology and Pharmacology
Co-leader Cancer Immunology Program, YCC
Director of Graduate Studies in Immunobiology
Yale University
Co-founder Global Immunotalks


Los organizadores de la 10 th. INTERAMERICAN ONCOLOGY CONFERENCE ofrecen 30 inscripciones sin cargo para participación PRESENCIAL.

Los interesados se pueden inscribir directamente por la web en el botón participación presencial, agregan SAI en ultimo campo donde dicen como se entero de la conferencia y así los organizadores estarán al tanto que son postulaciones de la SAI.


XIII Jornadas Centro Jeffrey Modell – II Jornadas AINCA

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