Immuno Argentina 2022 – SAI

Immunological memory is the hallmark of the immune system and the basis for vaccination. The goal of a successful vaccine is to induce long-term protective immunity.
This hybrid course will focus on integrating current knowledge on the cellular and molecular protagonists involved in the induction of long-term immunity.

All selected participants must complete an online pre-course on the Immunopaedia website starting the week of July 18.


This 5-day course is open to graduate students enrolled in academic PhD programs and young postdocs engaged in research in the areas of fundamental, applied and clinical immunology.
The candidates should have sufficient scientific background and comprehension of English to benefit maximally.

Participation is planned as follows:
• 20 students from Córdoba,
• 10 from the rest of Argentina and
• 5 from Latin and Caribbean America

Will be on-site
• 15 students from outside Argentina will join
Online via Zoom
Students will be selected based on their academic performance and gender distribution.
Selected students from outside Córdoba and attending the on-site course will receive a scholarship from IUIS for travel expenses and accommodation.

Please apply here:

Deadline for application: June 15, 2022