Llamado a Postdoc en el Institut Pasteur de Montevideo

Llamado a Postdoc en el Institut Pasteur de MontevideoEl Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay realiza un llamado abierto para incorporar a un/a investigador/a postdoctoral al laboratorio de Investigación en Leucemia Linfoide Crónica (iLLC).Formación alcanzada:El/La postulante deberá contar con formación doctoral y poseer como mínimo dos artículos de 1er autor en revistas de referato internacional.Experiencia:Se considerará […]


CELL BIOLOGY RESEARCH IN CANADATRAVEL AWARD FOR LATIN AMERICAN STUDENTS AND FELLOWS The Jacobo and Estela Klip AwardA new award has been created to support Latin American graduate studentsor postdoctoral fellows interested in collaborative research with one of thelaboratories of the Cell Biology Program of the Hospital for Sick Children inToronto, Canada. The Jacobo and […]

36-month postdoctoral offer in cell biology, imaging and immunometabolism in the context of host-pathogen interaction

36-month postdoctoral offer in cell biology, imaging and immunometabolism in the context of host-pathogen interaction, CNRS IPBS, Toulouse, FRANCE Principal InvestigatorChristel Vérollet (CR1/INSERM)Team of Isabelle Maridonneau-Parini (DR1/INSERM), “Phagocyte migration and differentiation”, IPBS/CNRS, ToulouseWebsite: http://www.ipbs.fr/index.php/member/christel-verollet Co-principal InvestigatorGeanncarlo Lugo-Villarino (DR2/CNRS)Team of Olivier Neyrolles (DR1/CNRS), “Mycobacterial Interactions with Host Cells”, IPBS/CNRSWebsite: http://www.ipbs.fr/index.php/member/geanncarlo-lugo-villarino Title of the ProjectCellular and molecular […]

Post-doctoral position available in the Alegre Lab

The University of Chicago Post-doctoral position available in the Alegre Lab Maria-Luisa Alegre, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago, is looking for a PhD graduate with experience in immunology and preferably in mouse experiments to study the function of graft-reactive T cells in mouse models of solid organ transplantation for an […]


ESTUDIANTE AVANZADO DE BIOLOGÍA, BIOQUÍMICA, BIOTECNOLOGÍA O AFINEScon interés en investigación científica, para postularse a la convocatoria Becas Doctorales Internas CONICET 2020 (Junio) e incorporarse al proyecto:ANÁLISIS TRANSCRIPTÓMICO DE LA RESPUESTA INMUNE EN LA ENFERMEDAD DE CHAGAS CRÓNICA: UNA APROXIMACIÓN DESDE LA INMUNOLOGÍA DE SISTEMAS.● La enfermedad de Chagas constituye un problema de relevancia clave […]

Postdoctoral position in onco-immunology

Postdoctoral position in onco-immunology A NOVEL IMMUNE CHECKPOINT THERAPY COMBINED WITH VESSEL NORMALIZATION FOR DIGESTIVE CANCERS Mondor Institute for biomedical research UPEC/Inserm U955 team Immunoregulation and Biotherapy, José Cohen and Ilaria Cascone RESEARCH PROJECT Our project aims to understand the mechanisms that lead to the blockade of the anti-tumor immune response in order to identify […]

Post-doctoral Scholar positions

Join the Nagler Lab! Post-doctoral Scholar positions are currently available in the Nagler lab for an NIH-funded program exploring the role of the microbiome in regulating allergic responses to food. Earlier work used gnotobiotic models to demonstrate a causal role for the healthy infant microbiota in protection against food allergy (Feehley et al Nature Medicine, […]

Post-Doctoral Position Available

Post-Doctoral Position Available             My laboratory in the Experimental Immunology Branch of the National Cancer Institute has a postdoctoral position available to study the Cell Biology of Antigen Processing and Presentation. Our research program is focused on defining the molecular mechanisms by which APCs activate CD4 T cells. Current projects investigate the mechanisms regulating MHC […]


– POSITION TO BE FILLED IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ANTIGENIC PRESENTATION & NOVEL CHEMICAL ENTITIES IMMUNOMODULATORS : A NEW PARADIGM IN ONCOLOGY CONTEXT AND PROJECT Recent advances in oncology have been linked to the advent of immunotherapy, one of the most promising lines of research targeting the immune system. Monoclonal antibodies called «immunomodulators» (e.g., […]